Chamber Ambassadors

The goodwill and charitable arm of the Chamber is kept busy year-round

The Chamber Ambassadors are hard to miss when they are out and about making visits to local businesses.

Twice a month, the Ambassadors make visits in their red jackets to new businesses, relocated businesses or those with new staff. The Ambassadors are the goodwill and charitable arm of the Chamber and they raise money to donate back to the community. Requests can be made at any time through the Chamber office.

If you are a new business or have new staff, please be sure to let the Chamber office know. We'd love to schedule an Amassadors visit.

Annual law enforcement emergency services appreciation dinner

In the fall, the Ambassadors invite all local law enforcement and emergency services staff to an appreciation dinner. Local businesses support the event by donating tickets or funds toward the dinner to thank the workers for their great service throughout the year.


Annual golf tournament

Each June, the Ambassadors organize a golf tournament, followed by a steak dinner and raffle.

The event is held as a fundraiser to help fund the donations given out by the Ambassadors.