Elements of a Good Life

About our brand

The brand "Elements of a Good Life" was launched in 2010, and it's used throughout Estherville on signage, by Chamber member businesses, the City of Estherville and more.

Much thought went into the selection of this brand to represent Estherville, and each of the elements was chosen to reflect all that makes this area unique.

In 2013, we ran a contest on KILR and asked the community to tell us why they love living in Estherville.

Local student Caroline Rembold was our winner, with this great entry:

Why I love Estherville
Caroline Rembold

"I love Estherville because of its massive history, like all the original buildings and stores. I also love going to the Rock Garden and watching the river.

Almost all of the citizens are friendly and willing to help you. But the main reasons are the child friendly places like the outdoor Estherville swimming pool, the parks, and our churches. Not to mention our one of a kind Public Library. The schools are amazing, as are the parades. I get excited to eat sweet corn every year during Sweet Corn Days in August.

I love virtually everything about the amazing little town of Estherville, Iowa. Thank you for the opportunity to express my feelings about the complete greatness of my hometown."

Click HERE for a top 20 list of other submissions from Estherville Lincoln Central students.


The earth is shown in our strong roots to agriculture on which our community was founded. Celebrated in events such as Sweet Corn Days and the Emmet County Fair.

Estherville has so many natural attractions, from the many city parks to reserves and Fort Defiance State Park in our backyard.


The wind is very important in Estherville. Proven in our nationally recognized wind technology program, and the first publishing of the word “blizzard’ in our newspaper.

The wind turbine program at Iowa Lakes Community College is a huge asset to the Estherville area.


Fire is represented in our passion and our fiery meteorite landing.

It represents power and heat. It can stand for destruction but also new beginnings. Fire is light, warmth and passion.

Estherville's meteorite landing is one of the most unique parts of our history, and the town has shown its fiery passion for projects such as the Regional Wellness Center.


Water is a the heart of our community as we are located on the west fork of the Des Moines River and surrounded by lakes.

Estherville locals grow up enjoying water activities such as fishing, canoeing and swimming in our rivers and lakes.


Each one of these elements comes together and is enhanced by our fifth element of community. What truly sets us apart is our community spirit. That spirit renovates hospitals, creates wellness centers and makes community events happen.

Community is a special element that seems common to Estherville residents, but is simply something not all cities have.