Estherville Chamber Tourism Grant

Grant Description

The Estherville Area Chamber of Commerce has a grant available to help with costs associated with hosting an event in Estherville, Iowa. Applicants need to be hosting an event, new or long standing, that will draw people into the Estherville Community. The goal is to get visitors into Estherville to shop at our stores, eat our restaurants, fill up their gas tanks in town and stay at our hotels. 

Grant Policy

Grant policies and procedures:
Applications will be accepted throughout the year, however grant funds will be available on a first come first serve basis until grant funds are exhausted. 
There is approximately $5,000 available for grant disbursement amongst all recipients this year.
Applications must be submitted to the Estherville Area Chamber of Commerce at least 60 days prior to event to allow time for application review. 
Applications will be reviewed and approved based upon the quality of the project and benefit to the community.
Applicants must provide a minimum 25% match. (Match can be in-kind or cash)

Cost reimbursements: 
After approval and completion of the event and promotion (but within 45 days of event), applicants must provide a copy of the completed material and receipts. 
Grants will be reimbursed to the applicant after expenses have been incurred. (Some exceptions allowed but must be pre-approved by Board)
Each year only 50% of grant funds can be distributed to repeat projects.
The Estherville Area Chamber of Commerce Tourism Grant must be listed as a sponsor, if sponsors are listed.  

Grant Application