Excel! Estherville

The Elements of a Good Life

Excel! Estherville is a non-profit corporation and affiliated division of the Estherville Area Chamber of Commerce. Projects are funded by Local Option Sales Tax, approved by a vote of residents in 2008.

Its vision is to make Estherville a destination to live, work, and play, resulting in population growth, balanced economic growth, and increased prosperity for its residents. Excel! projects are guided by committees made up of active and interested citizens.

Funding requests can be made to Excel! Estherville using this form
To learn more about and/or participate in any of the committees listed below, please contact the Chamber of Commerce.
Oversight Board
Provides oversight to the planning, implementation, and financial operations of Excel! Estherville. Program areas also include facade grants, park improvements, etc. (Contact)

The oversight board members are:
  • Bob Jensen (Board Chair)
  • Penny Clayton (Vice Chair)
  • Lexie Ruter (Secretary)
  • Jeff Soper (Treasurer)
  • Valerie Newhouse
  • Dave Seylar
  • Glen Caron
  • Dale Hustedt
Branding Committee
Developed and implements the Estherville elements brand. Promotes the brand through advertising, products and brand education. (Contact)

Beautification Committee
The goal is to enhance the Estherville community's visual attractiveness. Projects through this committee include the Estherville Gateway signs, flower baskets and the upgrade to the swinging bridge. (Contact)
Arts and Culture
Facilitate opportunities for cultural enrichment in the community through programs and events such as Gospel on the Square, Neighborhood Artist Review, Opera Iowa and Music on the Square. (Contact)

Housing Committee
Position Estherville as a quality, cost-competitive housing option in the region. (Contact)